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In Your Community

At the heart of Shoppers charitable giving is the idea that being a good corporate citizen is an ongoing responsibility. By helping to create stronger communities, we enhance the quality of life for customers and associates. We know being a good neighbor also means providing for our customers beyond our store's walls.

Donation Focus Area

At Shoppers, we're focused on providing our customers with a fresh and healthy experience every time they enter our stores. We help to create healthy and thriving communities by supporting non-profit, 501(c)(3) organizations whose primary mission fits the following focus areas:

Hunger Relief

Ending hunger in our local communities is core to our charitable mission. We support organizations providing comprehensive hunger relief programming and food distribution.

Health and Nutrition

We fund organizations promoting nutrition education and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through diet.

Environmental Stewardship

Shoppers is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable operations and will support local efforts towards sustainability.

How to Apply for a Donation 

Our donation request process is now entirely online. Before you submit your application, please have the following documents ready for upload in PDF format:

A scanned copy of your most current IRS 501(c)(3) certificate

A scanned copy of a signed and recently dated IRS W-9

If your request meets our giving guidelines: Please click here to apply.

Please note: 

  • All donation requests must be submitted through our online system.
  • Printed material, faxes and e-mailed donation requests will not be reviewed.
  • We are unable to respond to exploratory inquiries.


To be eligible for a donation, a request must:

- Include your organization's federal 501(c)(3) designation letter

- Note: charities with 501(c) designations other than (3) are not eligible for support

- Include a signed and dated IRS W-9

- Fall within our focus areas

To view the above document, you will need Acrobat Reader. Click here to install Acrobat Reader.


Shoppers will generally not support:

- Third-party requests on behalf of another organization
- Fees for conferences, seminars or travel
- Advertising requests (including printed programs)
- Family or individual emergency relief
- Individual/team fundraising
- Travel and/or academic research
- Fees for participation in athletic or other competitive programs
- Fraternal or labor organizations
- Parties, ceremonies or memorials
- Lobbying or political initiatives
- Religious organizations (for religious programs)
- Organizations (or programs) that receive more than 30% if their funding through the United Way
- School field trips
- Workforce development programs

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